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Mami's Birthday!

I consider myself blessed to be my mothers daughter and still have her in my life, despite the distance between our homes in Florida and Puerto Rico. Today, our family is celebrating her 55th year on Earth. In honor of her birthday, I’m going to take you along a trip down memory lane.

My mom, Nancy, was born to Cuban parents. She was actually the first of her generation to be born in Puerto Rico where she grew up. Aside from her natural beauty she’s always been known for her one of a kind personality. Growing up she was involved in a variety of in school and extra-curricular activities. She’s always had a passion for the much so that she chose Mass Communications and Journalism as her college major. Shortly after graduating she married my father and a few years later I was born. Once I was four and my brother was two years old we moved from Puerto Rico to Florida where I grew up. I witnessed my mom put her dreams of becoming a journalist on hold to be a stay-at-home mother. My mom put our family above all and still managed to create new opportunities for herself. She’s always had a love for baking which turned into a hobby and successful side business. Her creations for our birthdays and holidays were always a hit! She spent a lot of her free time volunteering at our school. Not only did it allow her to be with us but it opened doors for a new career pathway. She shifted gears and pursued education as a teacher. She taught different subjects including Art, Spanish, ESOL, and Technology. The summer of my fifteenth birthday we moved from Orlando to Miami, Florida. Here she continued to teach then went back to college to earn her Masters degree. An internship at a TV network landed her a position as a producer.

Seeing my mom press play to the dream she put on pause was inspiring and motivating. Shortly after, my parents divorced after over two decades of marriage. While it was, without a doubt, one of the most challenging moments of my mothers life she held her head up high and handled it like the lady she is. I always knew my moms positive attitude was remarkable but it was then I realized just how much it played a role in her happiness and overall strength. My mom currently resides in Puerto Rico, where she works with her father, brother, and one of her sisters in the family business. While the distance may be challenging for us, technology and trips allow us to maintain a strong bond. It makes my heart so happy to see that she’s found love again next to a great man. She’s really living her best life as she should. If there’s something I want to remind my mom of and share with our readers is that in my eyes and heart, she’s not only the best mother but my best friend.

Happy Birthday, Mami! May all your wishes come true! I love you!

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