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Culinary U: San Juan Hotel, Puerto Rico

The 7th edition of the Culinary U took place on the weekend of October 4-6. The event featured several local chefs from the United States.

Culinary U offered different types of culinary classes such as: French, Italian, Asian fusion, pastry and pastry, ceviche and much more. Each student also received a book with detailed recipes from each chef.

It occurred to my sister Cristi that it was a good idea to attend to learn and thus share with our other sister Lourdes. There we went the three to experience and acquire knowledge of the Chef with experience in different branches of gastronomy. For example: we participated in Plant Based Meals, with Chef Raul Correa of the Bacoa Restaurant, who prepared a recipe for cauliflower wings. Pastries went with Chef Nash’s Fondeur of the Vanderbilt County Hotel. The dynamics were different since he allowed the participants to help with the preparations of the desserts.

Anyone who likes to eat a bit healthier, had the opportunity to experience Sous Vide with Chef Carlos Portela of the Orujo Gastronomy Workshop. I prepared a meat at a temperature of 129 * F keeping its natural juices immersed in a bag in water, thus demonstrating what gastronomy can be in the future. For cheese lovers, better than the recipe for Hand Pulled Mozarella with Basil Marinated Tomatoes created by Chef Mathew Adler of MRA Culinary Solutions.

We are already close to the festive dates in Puerto Rico and as a tradition people eat cakes, but there are always those who have a family member who prepares them or buys them. Well, no more. Chef Juan Camacho of Sabrina Brunch & Bistro Bar demonstrated how easy it is to create a cake. On this occasion a fish cake, cassava and pumpkin.

From Puerto Rico we transported ourselves to Mexican cuisine with Chef Ariel Rodriguez of Restaurante Ariel. I prepared two kinds of taquitos as well as dishes from salsa, meats, and how to prepare it all as snacks for a party. The beverage of choice for this workshop was the beer Slow Brew Big Sur Veza.

Maine from La Boutique Du Vin was present, explaining in each class the wine that would be served with each meal cooked in Culinary U.

We have an unforgettable experience learning, socializing, and simply having fun.

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