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Life moves fast and in all directions which is why choosing the right snack is so important. I’m a snacker but I’ve become mindful of the foods I eat while I’m working, tackling tasks around the house, or on the go. I recently tried TeaSquares, an energy bite-size snack infused with caffeine from organic tea.

When I worked in an office setting I found myself snacking more than usual and not the healthy snacks that have become my go-to since working from home either. I would turn to the company snack bins in the break room....crackers, chips, cookies etc. When doing my research on TeaSquares I learned that the founders would do the same at their former job. The TeaSquares team wanted to create a natural snack. Upon realizing that tea contains an energizing combination of natural caffeine and I-theanine, which is an amino acid that helps regulate the absorption of caffeine and reduce stress, they accomplished their goal by creating a healthy and tasty snack...TeaSquares.


I found the packaging to be eye-catching. I like the logo, colors, and the overall design of the bag.


The bags are the perfect size to store whether it's in a pantry, desk drawer, purse, or backpack. Most pre-packaged snack bags contain more air than than snack but TeaSquares actually fill up their bags which impressed me. Then came the best part, the bite-size clusters formed into perfect squares. While they are easy to bite off and chew they don’t crumble and make a mess. That's how you know if it's really an on the go snack. It passed the test!


Acai Blueberry

Citrus Green Tea Matcha

Vanilla Chai

Each and every flavor listed above smells and taste exactly like it's supposed to. I find that it's easy to tell if a snack is actually made of natural ingredients or not and the Teasquares team tells it like it is and is true to their nutrition label. TeaSquares is one of those feel good snacks. It satisfies the craving whether it's savory or sweet while fueling your body with natural ingredients that play a part in how you take on your day. I can definitely see TeaSquares expanding their line of products and succeeding!

Head over to to learn more and shop.

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