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The Grind Coffee Project

I recently met with a new mom friend at a coffee shop she recommended, The Grind Coffee Project. As soon as I walked in I was kindly greeted by the barista. She proceeded to go over the menu and all the different types of coffee the shop offers. I found it amazing that she was so knowledgeable! She went over the origin of the beans, flavors, and process of how the coffee is brewed with a pour over method. It was a great learning experience!

I chose an Ethiopian bean. The barista poured hot water over the freshly ground coffee in a slow circular motion. The aroma of the coffee as it dripped into the cup was so pure. After allowing the coffee to bloom for several seconds I took my first was strong with a well balanced flavor. Hands down, the freshest cup of coffee I've enjoyed thus far!

While the venue may look small from the parking lot there’s actually plenty of space. Whether you prefer to sit outdoors, at the coffee bar, or in their seating area that offers tables, chairs, and a couch you’ll feel right at home. The coffee shop has an urban feel and look to it. The beauty of the decor is in the details. From the unique light fixtures, to the hanging shelves, and all the books, music records, and game boards that are displayed throughout the coffee shop. It’s perfectly decorated with a less is more vibe. The Grind Coffee Project is a family friendly environment with a designated area for private meetings. It's the perfect place for anyone to meet whether it's for a personal or professional occasion!

Next time you’re in Fort Lauderdale, FL and in the mood for freshly brewed coffee pass by The Grind Coffee Project located in 599 SW 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

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