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Hamilton visits Puerto Rico

I never thought that taking my little sister to the theater was going to mark her adolescent and adult life for literary works of different genres and authors. She grew up reading books and every time I had the opportunity I took her to the theater. She's been lucky to see the magic of Broadway plays in New York in different occasions. When it was announced that the Centro de Bellas Artes de Puerto Rico Luis A. Ferré was going to present the musical Hamilton, with Lin-Manuel Miranda she did not hesitate to look for ticket. My sister spent 8 hours in the ticket office. It was from there she called me to see if I wanted to go, obviously I said Yes! She remembered that I was the one who took her to see the plays and thought that I would like to see Hamilton with her.

It was time to enjoy the first act with Lin-Manuel in the role of Alexander Hamilton. The play develops with the characters of Burr, Lafayette, Mulligan, Lauren's, Angelica, Eliza, Washington, Lee, King George III, each of the characters with extraordinary voices are telling the story through the songs they sing.

The second act has the characters of Thomas Jefferson, James and Maria Reynolds, with the first actors also, the play ends with Eliza telling the story of her husband Hamilton.

The musical had a very good musical presentation, including costumes, set design, lighting and sound. For the Island it was a great opportunity since before the production began the people of other countries showed an interest in coming to enjoy the play. With Hamilton came a new theatrical platform in Puerto Rico, as the island was visited by people from the local and international art scene as well as politicians and many people from different states of North America as well as neighboring Caribbean islands.

Thank you Lin- Manuel Miranda for remembering his roots, his people and bringing us a work of such great height from Broadway to Puerto Rico.

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