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Hello, Activated Charcoal toothpaste

Hello is an oral care line that is natural and thoughtful. That's right, the Hello brand takes our planet and it's people into consideration when it comes to their products. They are vegan and cruelty free.

The Hello oral care products are made of natural ingredients. The activated charcoal with fresh mint and coconut oil toothpaste, which is the flavor I have, is certified organic. It's fluoride free and does not have any artificial dyes, flavors, nor preservatives to name a few.

This naturally friendly whitening toothpaste restores the natural color of your teeth, removes plaque, and bacteria that may cause bad breath and gingivitis.

My teeth became noticeably whiter after just a few days of switching to the Hello activated charcoal toothpaste, which shocked me, considering that I drink black coffee daily. Hello offers a variety of toothpastes from an organic apple flavor toddler toothpaste, three different options in the flavors bubblegum, blue raspberry, or watermelon kids toothpaste, to five other regular types of toothpastes (including a mojito mint whitening toothpaste) ¡Holaaaa!

I love the packaging, the product, and the smiles it's brought to me face because I finally have my hands on an activated charcoal toothpaste that actually works, tastes good, and isn't messy.

Get to know the brand Hello here.

You can also shop their oral care collection on Amazon.

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