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Ecco Bella Beauty

This summer I discovered Ecco Bella, a natural beauty brand that offers everything from skin care, makeup, hair care, and parfums. For the past year or so, I've been on a mission to minimize my makeup collection so I've been tossing the beauty products with toxins out and trading them in with natural ones. Since becoming more aware of what I put onto my skin I've learned that less is more. All it takes to enhance natural beauty is natural products. Ecco Bella formulates their products with ingredients I understand and trust while still maintaining a quality that my skin deserves.

Ecco Bella uses ingredients like Lycopene from tomatoes, Lutein from marigolds, Beta Carotene from carrots, Astaxanthin from sea algae, Vitamin C from oranges, CoQ10 which is an enzyme, and Vitamin E & Tocotienols from soy and palm.

*See the benefits of each at the end.

Lately, my go to makeup look has been created with the following Ecco Bella makeup products...

The FlowerColor Natural Cover Up in the color Medium Beige, also available in Beige, quickly became a Mom Must Have. It glides smoothly on my skin and effectively covers up my dark circles. It's light, creamy, blends well with my complexion and provides coverage from morning to night.

The Natural Face Powder is a talc-free finishing powder that is formulated with ingredients like flower waxes, green tea extract, aloe vera and vitamin E. I have the color Medium, it provides a polished look, even without foundation coverage. It goes on so smoothly. The application works well with the puff that is included in the packaging but can also be applied with a sponge or brush. The powder blends beautifully and feels weightless. The other available colors are Fair, Light, and Pale. Each face powder is packaged in a recyclable paper compact with a mirror.

The Natural FlowerColor Bronzing Powder in the color Hibiscus goes on evenly and lasts a long time. I've used it on my bare face as well as after applying the face powder. Both methods provide a natural glow without excess shine. It's a great tool to use as blush and to contour the face too.

The FlowerColor Shimmer Dust collection is versatile as it may be used for every season of the year. The Shimmer Dust can be applied as eye shadow as well as a highlighter. The refills are intended to be stored in either a single eye shadow or duo compact. The shimmers are available in Moon, Sun, and Star. I have the Star which looks like a Rose Champagne color. It looks beautiful over a bare lid, over an eye shadow for a more intense look, and blended with other colors. This is one of those products that can help achieve a day to night transformation.

The FlowerColor Natural Mascara, available in Black or Brown, comes with it's own mirror and is made with natural clay and Flower Cutins coated in iron oxides. There's no lacquer, shellac, nor alcohol unlike many mascara formulas by other beauty brands. The mascara provides a full lash look. You can go coat crazy without any clumps. I find that two applications is just the right amount of coats to achieve a natural look. The mascara is easy to apply, it dries quickly, the lashes do not stick together, and it does not smudge. They actually feel really soft. The best part is that it's easy on the eyes so it's perfect for anyone with sensitive eyes like myself.

The Vitamin E Lip Smoother is a collection of four colors: Clear, Rhubarb, Spice, GoBare, and Petal. It's a vitamin E lip treatment balm that can be used alone as well as under or over lipstick. I have the color Petal, which is like a soft pink. It's so smooth and keeps my lips so soft while wearing it and even after I've removed it. These are great for an everyday look whether you just want to moisture your lips or give them a pop of color.

Ecco Bella not only offers natural products that are good for you and your skin...they take the environment into consideration as well. They are vegan, cruelty free, and their product packaging is recyclable.

To learn more about Ecco Bella and discover these products as well as many more visit the official website here.


from tomatoes contains antioxidants to prevent the formation of harmful free radicals.


from marigolds can help improve the hydration and elasticity of skin.

Beta Carotene

from carrots gives skin a golden radiance making it look younger and healthier.


from sea algae helps reduce wrinkles, lighten age spots and improve skin microtexture.

Vitamin C

from oranges helps promote collogen production for firmer skin while protecting skin cells.


is an enzyme produced naturally to neutralizes free radicals, and energize cells for healthy skin.

Vitamin E & Tocotrienols

Essential body nutrients from soy and palm. 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E alone.

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