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Lufi & Friends

Lufi & Friends is on a special mission to show children the magic of a multicultural world. The Sing to Learn books are interactive music books that expose babies and toddlers to language through the art of music. Each book features six songs, the lyrics to sing-along, colorful illustrations, as well as a glossary with the English translation of all the Spanish words in the songs. The book is designed so that little ones can be hands on as they grow and develop. They can start and stop each song with one press of a button and turn the pages with ease.

The creators of Lufi & Friends Adrian, Marina, and Lingling are changing the way parents and children explore languages, countries, and cultures. Adrian and Marina are parents to Lucas and Fiona who are the inspiration behind the company's name. Marina and Lingling are long-time friends, they go as far back to their first day of college. From migrating to the United States at different stages in their lives to working abroad, the Lufi & Friends co-founders know the power of connecting with people through different languages. Among the three they speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, and a bit of French and Portuguese.

So far, the Lufi & Friends collection consists of two books which focuses on the Spanish language. There are many more to come! One features lullabies (My first lullabies in Spanish) and the other features songs about animals (My first songs about animals in Spanish). These books that teach languages through songs make the perfect gift for any family friendly occasion like a baby shower or birthday. The little ones in your life will be sure to dance their way through the day with My first songs about animals in Spanish then sooth themselves into sweet dreams with My first lullabies in Spanish.

As a bilingual in English and Spanish I strive to successfully pass down one of the greatest gifts I received from my parents as a toddler (a second language) to my own children. There are so many benefits to knowing more than one language. The earlier it is taught, the easier it is for children to develop it throughout their childhood and maintain it throughout their lives as adults. Being multilingual opens a world of opportunities both personally and professionally. With Lufi & Friends, your children will experience the magic of a multicultural world one song at a time.

Lufi & Friends is for the entire family...from babies all the way to grandparents. Whether the reader is fluent in Spanish or learning with their little one the magic is in reading and singing-along together. There's no better way to learn while having fun than through reading, singing, and dancing. Lufi & Friends is an educational tool that is entertaining and empowering.

You can pre-order the books now to receive your very own copy, just in time for the holiday season this year. Click here to learn more about Lufi & Friends.

I'd like to thank Marina for sharing her story with me. I look forward to seeing where Lufi, (balloon in Hungarian) flies off to next. I hope that these books make it to the homes of families all around the world and continue spreading the magic of being multicultural.

*All images belong to Lufi & Friends

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